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Homeopathy Medication for Thyroid Disorders

Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid Problems in Vellore, India | aarogya clinic

The thyroid is a small gland in the front of the neck, which plays a powerful role in vital body functions. The thyroid gland produces the essential hormone that control metabolism in the human body. There are two major abnormal conditions that afflict the thyroid gland: hyperthyroidism, where metabolism hormones are produced in excess and hypothyroidism, in which the opposite occurs; the thyroid gland produces inadequate quantity of hormones.

Risks of Developing a Thyroid Disorder:

  • A family member has a thyroid problem
  • You already have an endocrine or pituitary disorder
  • You or someone in your family has an autoimmune disorder
  • You have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibromalgia
  • Women and generally people over 60 years are more susceptible to thyroid malfunction
  • You’ve just delivered a baby
  • You’ve entered menopause or are about to
  • You smoke
  • You’ve been exposed to radiation
  • You’ve been treated with lithium
Thyroid Treatment in Homeopathy

Why aarogya clinic for Thyroid Disorders

15 years of Field Experience

20+ Professionals

Medicines prepared within hospital campus

1000+ thyroid patients treated

Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid Disorders

Alternative treatments for thyroid disorders entail lifelong medication and targets symptoms. It cannot be reiterated enough that the difference in homeopathic treatment is that it targets the constitutional make-up of the disease or its root causes. Homeopathic treatment for thyroid disorders seeks to treat the condition by reactivating the efficiency of the thyroid gland. The medicines also alleviate pain, without causing side effects.

The human immune system is under continuous attack from environmental toxins and water and food pollution. These toxins overwork the immune system and create autoimmune conditions that hamper the functioning of the thyroid gland. Homeopathy focuses on improving the functioning of the gland by natural, physiological processes. Homeopathic thyroid treatment helps boost energy, improves blood circulation and creates a balance between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

FAQ's On Thyroid Disorders Treatment

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland situated in the located in the front of the neck region. Thyroid gland secretes a hormone called Thyroid hormones. It is important for metabolism, growth and development of the body.

  • Underactive hypothyroid
  • Overactive hyper thyroid
  • Thyroid gland enlarge called goitre 
  • Thyroid gland develop nodules(within thyroid)
  • Thyroid  cancer

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in correcting the imbalance in the thyroid hormones. Advantages is homoeopathy is that it  can improve the functioning of the thyroid gland permanently. Once cured, patient does not need medicine anymore and can live a healthy life

Homeopathy is one of the best ways to treat thyroid without any side effect. The treatment is permanent in nature and is painless. The dependency on medicine can be reduces and one can live a healthy life

Allopathic and homeopathy both has its own pros and cons but homeopathy embraces the body’s natural response system. It does either by encouraging the symptoms of healing or attacking the root cause of the illness. Allopathy medicines attempt to alleviate the symptoms of disease by attacking/affecting the natural defense of body.

Patient's Review

Nancy Gna
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Homeopathy is a best treatment for varies deseases in that liver n kidney n synus, in my home we experienced my mother had liver problem the condition was so serious but we prayed all the doctors said not possible by Grace of God jesus christ we got Dr sudhakar sir he has a good knowledge n experience he treated my mom now 12yrs over she is fine n doing good thanks to the doctor n God to show us arogya clinic.
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This is a totally homeopathy clinic situated near toll gate area, krishnagar vellore. This clinic is not on road totally but some way inside at sub lane . Any auto or car can go there. Also can get return auto from there. They have launch break at 1:30pm. Their appointment fee is free but only medicine is chargeable. For us the medicine charge was Rs 700. Dr. sudhakar was very polite and gentle . Also other doctors were very polite and good. Hit Like if you like.
Mani Kandan
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We are very impressed by the personal care & also courtesy should by the management & staff.


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